I am Nihil. In Latin it means “nothing,” but I am something more than nothing.

I’m an observer. I’m a thinker. But most of all, I’m a writer. I believe that observations are meaningless if not stated. I believe that knowledge is worthless if not recorded. And that’s why I write. That’s why I’m here.

I’m here to write about all the things which I’ve observed, thought about, and learned. I am inspired by others who have done the same, and this is — in a way — a representation of my gratitude toward them. Being exposed to the observations of others has greatly enriched my life. I would like to enrich yours in the same way.

My passions are in the concepts and design of recreational activities called “games,” the perspectives on reality called “philosophy,” and all manner of practical data which can be applied to living life. It is my intention to provide a bit of every part of myself in the hope that even one page of my work resonates with you.

The things which you will read here are entirely of my own creating, though my perspective has been refined by being exposed to many other perspectives. As such, I cannot take full credit for anything other than the distillation of my perspective into written word. Despite that, no agreement with any other entities — not specific nor general, direct nor indirect — is intended or implied by my writings here.

My perspective is wholly my own, and is in no way intended to directly shape your own perspective on any of the topics which I will cover. The act of sharing my perspective is intended only to provide data for readers to use in refining their own perspectives by their own determination. You, as a reader, are under no obligation to view, agree with, or respond to any piece of writing posted here.

You are here of your own free will. If you stay, I will show you how powerful the written word can be. This is my promise to you, dear reader.



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