Plans for 2017

This is a first!

I actually have a strong idea of what I’m going to do with my creative projects in the coming year. Strong enough to talk about.

The kind of stuff I want to put out all comes back to my enthusiasm about games – things like game reviews, analyses, and discussions of game mechanics and design. To that end, here is a short list of the things I’m going to start devoting myself to:

Streaming and recording: It all starts with playing games, and while I’m playing games I also want to record footage of games to be used in videos and give me something to refer back to for writing. I can also do streams while recording and get my audience involved in my work, adding to the discussion. Internet permitting, I’ll do this fairly often – probably whenever I feel like it rather than at a scheduled time.

Writing: You know, that thing I say I do. I’ll be playing games so I can talk about them, and the main things I’ll be talking about in written pieces will be game reviews and smaller topics (asides, basically) that don’t really need a ton of production put into them. I’ll do my best to stick to a publishing schedule of once a week or so. I’ll also still write about non-game things as I get inspired, but my main topic will be games and gaming.

Video essays: This is the most ambitious thing on my list, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time (at least a couple years). When tackling large topics – like breakdowns of far-reaching elements of game design and the like – I want to take the time to do a full demonstration in both audio and video. Recording game footage and what I want to talk about, writing the script, and editing all that together, will definitely be a huge undertaking – which is why these won’t come out very often, but I certainly hope they’ll be very worth it when they do.

Podcasts: This is an idea that was brought to me recently. I’m not sure how I’ll set these up, but getting a friend or two together and talking about recent events and otherwise shooting the shit sounds fun. The audio will probably get uploaded to my channel like a video would be.

The list above gives a bit of a look of what I want my life to be like in 2017. I want to be all over Twitter, I want to be spending time with friends, I want to be playing games and using my love of games to fuel discussion and think about what they really mean both to me and to others. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do at least one blog post every week, one video every month, and some podcasts and streams here or there to really connect with the people important to me – you all.

I’m gonna have a lot to show next year. It’s gonna be my year to really do what I’m passionate about. Look forward to it!


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