29/09/16 – Inaction 

I’ve learned (or perhaps more accurately been reminded of) a valuable lesson about taking action even if you’re uncertain of what to do.

A wise phrase I once heard is “the wrong thing to do is nothing,” and I think that’s actually very applicable. Inaction like that only results in positive change if you’re lucky, and no change or negative change more often.

I should clarify, however, that when I mean “doing nothing” I mean very specifically an absence of action, an absence of thought, an absence of much of anything at all. Essentially, I mean inaction brought on by the paralysis of fear or doubt.

Deciding very consciously to refrain from a specific course of action is, itself, a course of action. Conversely, when inaction is a product of negative emotions, we tend not to be completely conscious of it – or do not feel in control of it.

What I’ve learned is that I’ve spent a long time in this state of inaction. I’ve restrained myself for fear of causing negative results, I’ve sat lazily and lamented my apparent inability to get work done, I’ve done nothing and hoped for something to happen.

It doesn’t work out that way, generally.

When one wants an effect to occur one has to cause it to occur. Otherwise, what can you do but hope it somehow happens on its own or that someone will do it for you?

Of course, it’s easy to think that by taking an action you might cause a negative reaction to occur. But that can’t stop you from being active. It’s a natural possibility which must be confronted and overcome.

Willingness to cause an effect can both be hugely empowering and therapeutic. It can say “I want this to happen and I’m willing to work for it and make it happen.” And then you do it, because action naturally follows willingness.

And you feel better when you truly realise that you can do something – anything at all. That’s the most amazing thing. That’s a feeling I want to share with all of you.

With that in mind…

Don’t wait for inspiration.

Don’t tell yourself the time “isn’t right.”

Don’t convince yourself it’s a waste of time.

Take action and remember that the wrong thing to do is nothing.


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